A territory full of history and tradition
in the heart of Sicily


The land on which our farm is located, on the outskirts of the mountain village of Contessa Entellina, is known for its innumerable natural beauties and for its inestimable historical and archaeological value.

Surrounded by the splendid hilly landscape of the Belice Valley, it lies in the northwestern sector of the Sicani Mountains and is characterized by the presence of thick forests, immense countryside areas and countless water flows.

Two nature reserves mark the area: “Entella Caves Nature Reserve", which is located north of the Rocca d'Entella, and the "Santa Maria del Bosco Oriented Nature Reserve”, located in the southern part of the territory, close to the border with the villages of Giuliana and Sambuca di Sicilia.

From a cultural point of view, Contessa Entellina, alongside Piana degli Albanesi, Santa Cristina Gela, Mezzojuso and Palazzo Adriano, is part of the so-called “arbëreshë” communities, the “Albanian Communities of Sicily”, founded between the 15th and 18th century by Albanian citizens fleeing the Balkans due to the advance of the Turks-Ottomans in the territories of the former Byzantine Empire.

The attachment to the cultural roots is very strong in this area and linguistic, religious and artistic traditions are jealously preserved and handed down from one generation to another.